Ok, so that worked then...

Well, that all seemed fairly painless then.. so, we now have a Bovaflux blog, so I guess I'd better give a quick update on new happenings.

I've been talking to SRL about an EP for next year, which I'm quite excited about! The current plan is for a limited edition 12", but we'll see how it goes. The EP itself will feature around 7 new tracks, all recorded over the last few months, kind of along the same lines as the last album, but a bit less laid back in some places. If you've heard any of my live sets recently, you've probably heard have of it. The track "Make some plans" is getting particularly good feedback.. can't wait till it's out really so you can all hear it too! :) We're planning to have the whole thing finished around January, with a release around April, a few months after the Suburb label compilation (which will also have 2 new and exclusive Bovaflux tracks).

Another little bit of news, the London Electrics compilation is in shops now! It features one of the tracks from the album, so if you've not already bought that (why not!!??) then pick up a copy to get a taster of it, along with tracks from artists like Fisk Industries, Posthuman, Digitonal, Yellotone, etc... As Gridface said in their review - "Fans of melodic electronics need to track this down". MP3s available to buy and preview at www.bleep.com now. Back...

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