Back from Germany

Got back from Germany yesterday, and have come back to some major email problems! over 25,000 emails waiting for me!! Sadly it wasn't from my hoards of adoring fans, but rather tons and tons of junk email.. I usually get a few, but this is a bit ridiculous... Will have to look into seeing if there's anything I can do to try and cut it down... I have filters to control most of it, but if I happen to be away from the pc for a few days (which is quite rare) then waiting to download a few thousand emails is a bit rubbish. : ( So, if you have happened to send me an email, and got no response, then please resend it incase I just went a bit to mental on the delete key..

Anyway, other than that I've had a great xmas with my family, and a good long stay with my girlfriends family in Germany too. My german is coming along well now, so i rewarded myself with another large pile of comics from Stuttgarts finest comic emporium, World of Comics. :) I recommend it if you happen to be in the area...

Will add the second part of my years highlights in the next day or so... see you later. Back...

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