Where am I?

Yesterday I randomly discovered that MoQ (from Seed Records) was gonna be playing in Leamington Spa. Leamington Spa! We don't get many electronic gigs round these parts (like one every two years i reckon) so it was a bit of a suprise.. Anyway, I went along to it, and it turns out that it's officially a drum'n'bass night, with a bit of electronica thrown in for good measure. Even the drum'n'bass was really good though, and i haven't really liked straight drum'n'bass stuff for a good few years. Also excellent was that everyone playing was just playing cdrs of their own material. Basically, it was a great night, had a bit of variety to it, and was a complete suprise to find something like that round here! A couple of times during the evening me and my brother just commented to each other that we couldn't beleive we were actually in leamington, as we're so used to having to trek out of town to london, birmingham, oxford or where ever for decent nights. Was a strange but great feeling to walk out from it and be home within ten minutes! :)

Oh, and props to The Impromptu MC... Back...

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