Happy New Year!

Well after going into hibernation over Christmas, it's time to face the world again!

The music industry looks set to go through a lot of changes this year, with a lot of labels facing some big challenges from decining CD sales not being replaced by mp3 sales. As ever, all I can do is encourage you all to support the music you love by either purchasing the original CDs (particularly from the friendly independant shops, such as Norman Records, Smallfish, Posteverything, etc, who really help out smaller labels and artists) or legal MP3s. If you find the protection on legal MP3s a pain, then do remember there are stores out there (such as Bleep.com) who don't have any protection on their MP3s, and don't treat their customers like potential criminals. Now it's more important than ever to support growing artists and labels you love, before they disappear! Back...

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