Random November update

Well, I just kind of realised that 2008 is on the way out.. is it really November already? Starting a new life in Germany has really made the time go fast, and at times I've really been wondering if I can still manage to keep up making music. But well, making music isn't really something you can just decide to stop doing, so I always find my way back to it. The harder thing is doing all the stuff that surrounds it, trying to promote it, updating the website, etc. I really think it's about time the site had a bit of a tidy up though, as it's getting pretty old looking in places.. about time some new tracks were uploaded too I think.

Anyway, I thought I'd also update you all on some of the little goings on from this year. Not a big year for releases, but still a few interesting bits and bobs.

First up there's a couple of remixes. First out was my remix for Fuck off Machete, which you can find here. The gang seem to have gone pretty quiet since that release, but I hope they return some day, the are an awesome bunch.

Next up was the remix for Emulsion, which I think has turned out as probably my favourite remix I've done. Check it out at the lens records site.

I also saw that "Bomb It!", the graffiti documentary by Jon Reiss was released on DVD this year. This excellent thought provoking film features the opening track from my 2005 album. I can't tell you how proud I was to see my name scroll up in the movie credits! :)

I also released the much delayed EP, Yesterday, Tomorrow, Now, on [d]-tached records. Many thanks to everyone who bought a copy, especially the growing number of bovaflux fans from Japan! One great thing about direct mp3 sales is that I really get to see where every copy gets sold, and it sometimes really surprises me.

There won't be any new releases from me now until next year, but I will start uploading a few new tracks to the website and myspace pages, leading up to the new album release next year. In the mean time, you might be interested to know that I have some music featured in a new XBox 360 Live Arcade game called Powerup Forever. The soundtrack is pretty interesting actually, as it tries to always present something new by randomly mixing together a set of ambient tracks with a set of beat tracks, to give a kind of endless mix of music. Also worth noting is that I created the original concept for the game, but had to leave development of it behind once I moved out here to Germany. I haven't had a look at the game since the early prototype stages, so it'll be interesting to see how it shapes up.

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