New toy

This weekend I've spent pretty much the whole time playing with my brand new iPod Touch. I've never really considered buying one, but my company decided to be completely awesome and buy one for everybody! I'm still not a fan of iTunes, but I have to say that I'm finding the iPod Touch experience pretty slick so far.

I think the most impressive thing is how integrated everything is.. The contacts list is a great example. You can tap on a contact in your list, tap on their address, and it switches to google maps and shows you their place on the map. Then you can tap to get directions from your current location (without gps). Then tap their name on the map again, tap their email address, and let them know you're on your way over!

I've already rushed over to the App Store to download a few bits and pieces - so I can scrobble on the move, Guitar Toolkit, which is a handy chord guide for guitar newbies like me, and VNC, which let's you remotely control your PC.. very handy for kicking off some torrents on your home system ready for when you get back in the evening! :)

I'm still on the look out for some real music making apps for it.. I have a couple of weeks away from the main PC over xmas and new year, so I'm hoping to have some half decent portable options with me too. If you know any, then please add a comment below!

Oh, and in other recent news, the game I designed, PowerUp Forever, was released on Xbox360 Live Arcade. PS3 release should follow shortly. I've played the trial version a little bit, and I'm happy to say that it looks like it's turned out pretty good! I found a rather nice review here too!


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