The year has been pretty full on so far, so not much time for blog updates. We've had a busy few weeks at work as our game nears alpha, but it looks like things are starting to calm down again now. In between the late nights and pizza, I have actually managed to do some new music though, in the shape of a remix of Fibla for Underscan records. No word yet on the release date, but I'll add the info here when I have it.

The remix will probably be your first chance to here some of the new elements making their way into my music, namely my guitar. It took some time to get a good feeling for how I can blend it in with my normal song writing, but I think the last few tracks I made with it turned out pretty good. I'm actually thinking about trying out a side project of some sort, with a really limited set of equipment - just my guitar, my music box, and some kind of simple percussion. Might be a disaster, but I have a few ideas brewing, and in the worst case, I have some samples to reuse later. All I need now is a bit of a break from work!

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