New album

A new album is imminent. It's called "Hermetic Peaks" and will be released shortly on the Recycled Plastics label. I've been hard at work on it for the last year or so, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you make of it. Here's the tracklisting, more details to follow soon..

1, At least I have this
2, Bell Drops
3, Moments2
4, Hello Old Friend
5, Adhesive
6, Coriolis
7, Quantic
8, Anstatt
9, Corrupt
10, Take Time
11, Lawnmower Thursday
12, Twin Filter
13, It's Not Complicated  

The album will be released digitally and as a limited edition cd, which also includes 2 bonus tracks from me, plus a remix from Milieu. Back...

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