A few months ago I took a friend of mine, Phil, along to a modular meet with me. I've been into modular synths for a couple of years, and he'd seen videos I'd posted on facebook and wanted to get some ideas for where he could maybe start out. So we went along and, well, Phil had a bit of an epiphany. Surrounded by those bizarre boxes with spaghetti cables and flashing lights and all kinds of weird and wonderful sounds streaming out of them, he was hit with a wave of inspiration.

Phil isn't just a guy who dabbled with synths - he's released music under the name Pearl' and runs Law & Auder records, famous for their expansive themed compilations such as Avantgardism, Female of the Species, and so on. It didn't take long before Phil's eyes lit up and he declared "I feel another compilation coming on!" Fast forward 6 months and a whole lot of research later, and he's just revealed the campaign to bring it to life.

Take a look at the Pledge Music site for details on the release including a list of all the artists involved including Eden Gray, Galcid + Hisashi Saito, HRTL, Scanner, Solvent, VCOADSR, and myself.


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