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Hi Folks, No update for a while as I've been rather busy with non-Bovaflux things, namely preparing to move to Germany. That's right, I'll be leaving dear old Blighty for a new life in Frankfurt! Me and my girlfriend have been thinking about doing the move for around a year or so now, and we've decided to now make the leap. I'm still pretty nervous about the whole thing, but at the same time really excited and looking forward to all the new experiences. Expect a few hicups with the site as I make the transition, but hopefully it should all go smoothly. I'm guessing that I'll keep the .co.uk domain name for a while.. changing it to .de seems a bit weird, so if it does change at all, it'll probably go to bovaflux.com, since I'm like all international and that now.

So anyway, I've been so busy with getting a new job (will be working for keen Games) and planning the house move I've not been writing much new material, but I'm sure this will change once I've settled into the new place. The EP is still apparently just around the corner, so that may even appear before I've moved. We have the masters from Twerk, so it's just waiting to be
pressed really.

The other little bit of release news is that the remix I did for Emulsion should be getting a release early next year. Glad that's coming out, as it's a sweet little track. Still no word on the fomachete remix I did a while back.. that was supposed to come out as a download only release, but it may not be on the cards now.. I should chase it up really, if it's not going to get released I'll ask the band if they're cool with me just sticking it on the site for download.

And speaking of downloads.. I'm thinking of adding a new download only EP to the site. As you may have noticed from how long I've been waiting for the EP to appear, it can be a very slow process! I'm thinking I might try out side stepping all that stuff and put out an EP of about 5 tracks, free to download, with an option to donate via paypal for those of you who still feel music has some value! :) I'm guessing I won't get much chance to prepare everything this side of Christmas, what with the upcoming house move and everything, so expect to see it around January.

Ok, that's about it for now. I'll try and get back into making these posts a bit more frequent!

Eddie Back...

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