Audio experiment

A couple of audio experiments.. First, I wanted to have a little look into an easy way to add some mp3 clips to the blog posts today, as it'd be nice to occasionally just drop in some bits and bobs that I'm working on. This is a track I made today, which mixes up a few thing from the past week or so.. The weather here has been quite wintery, with a fair bit of snow (by English standards anyway) over the weekend. I was also feeling a bit homesick after getting some nice cards and presents for my birthday last week, but also made to feel really welcome in Germany by a nice series of answer phone messages from pretty much all of my girlfriends relatives. This track is part of my effort to try and turn my music into more of a diary of what's happening for me. See what you think..

The track is a bit work in progress, not mastered properly, etc, but I thought it might be cool to make things a bit more immediate, so you hear lots of bits and pieces as I make them, and not have to wait years in between releases. The only thing that might get in the way is webspace, as I don't have that much at the minute! We'll see how it goes..

Some random other things from today..

I'm up to episode 10 of Gurren Lagann!! Although i was quite into this series from the first episode, episode 8 blew me away today, starting to develop a habit for it now.

I just finished Spider-Man: Web of Shadows DS. Twice. Best Spidey game since Spider-Man 2. Now back to Pic Pic....

First rumours of a PSP2 have started to appear.

GamesRadar had a great feature on non-game gamer gifts for xmas. Reminds me of all the awesome toys I want to waste money on, like this Chun-Li by Revoltech, and this mini Pac-Man arcade unit (sadly not playable!)

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