I added a few new sections to the website today, including a bit of info on my current set up. While putting the list together, it reminded me how much free software I use in my set up. Some of my favourite VSTs are free, such as the awesome MDA plug pack, pluggo jnr and FreeAlpha. It's pretty incredible to think of the results you can get out of a music set up that literally costs nothing. I remember how hard it used to be when I was making tracks in Octamed, having to program in some faked delay effects by hand, as I just didn't have any effects plug ins or external fx units. Search on the net now and you'd find hundreds of them, along with countless other synths and effects, which can all be used in free sequencers/trackers.

Which reminds me, I came across another free bundle of plug in effects today..

Blue Cat Audio

Not had a chance to dig into them yet, but it looks like there could be some useful stuff in there, although nothing that sounds weird or revolutionary. If you are looking for something a bit weirder, you could try out Olga. I've only played about with that one a little bit, but it's pretty strange. For starters, the interface is all Russian (i think), making it a little hard to learn. Definitely has a sound of it's own though.


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