Beats & bugs & brains & bullets

Another super busy week at work this week, as my current game heads to Alpha. Not too upset by the extra workload though, as I had a good weekend making music, completing two new tracks. Things will hopefully get a bit quieter next week though, so I can continue working on new stuff in the studio, and also spend a bit of time with House of the Dead: Overkill, which I just ordered from amazon uk (It won't be released here in Germany)! Looks like a lot of fun from the trailer, I totally love the way they've pitched it, even if it is clearly very Grindhouse influenced. The engine for the game was licenced from my previous employer, so there are even going to be some (very) tiny fragments of my code in there somewhere! :)

The crazy increase in web traffic here seems to have died down to more typical levels now - still no idea what triggered that! Looks like it may have encouraged some renewed interest in my releases going by the latest iTunes reports, although I have to wait a while for proper numbers to come through. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting my music over the last couple of weeks though, every sale slowly gets me closer to buying some new studio gear! One cheaper little addition I'm really tempted by is the pro upgrade for Novation's automap software.. Being able to map controls to send keystrokes sounds like it would help integrating the controller with renoise, since renoise doesn't have the usual support for transport controls. Will hopefully get sometime to try it all out next week (inbetween sessions of blood soaked zombie filled violence, obviously... Oh, and that reminds me, new Walking Dead and Invincible books out in a couple of weeks!)

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