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My current project is almost Beta now, so time to work on music projects is becoming more and more rare. In a couple of months it should all be over though, so I'll be able to concentrate on things properly again, and maybe that third album will finally be finished! I was having a spin through some of the shortlisted tracks for it over the last week, and I think there's some really nice tracks to go on there (although I would say that I guess).

While taking ages to get a new album out can feel a bit frustrating at times, I think it probably means a better end product. I've thought I was close to finishing this album about three times already, but then I get sidetracked with other stuff, make some new tracks, go off a few old ones, and the album takes a new shape again. I think I have around 30 something tracks to consider for the next album, and the longer I leave it, the stronger the whole thing sounds. At the minute it's looking like being about 12-14 tracks, and around 50mins, which leaves a lot of left over material, which I will probably add here for free as a left overs EP, and maybe keep a few tracks just for live shows (always nice to save some fresh tracks for that).

So what exactly is it that I've been spending so much time on? Well, I guess I can reveal it now, since it was announced this week at GDC. Since moving to Germany I've been working with Keen Games to create the PSP and DS versions of G-Force. Sadly, not based on the old anime (that would have been too awesome), but based on what is more than likely going to be every 9 year olds favourite blockbuster of the year. Here's the trailer..

and here's a first look at the game over at IGN. (The screens obviously aren't from the PSP or DS versions though!)


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