New Ambient/Dubstep/Electronic mix

Here's a little DJ Mix I did last weekend.. been a while since I did any mixing, and it probably shows, with a few rough transitions here and there, but hopefully the quality of the tracks makes up for the dodgy mixing!

The mix covers everything from ambient to dubstep, and is basically just a slice of what I've been listening to recently, plus a couple of my unreleased tracks dropped in too.


Helios - Paper Tiger
Bracken - Four Thousand Style
Miwon - Round and Round
Kristuit Salu - Leitmotif
Lukid - Forma
Mrs Jynx - Dusty
Bovaflux - Brm
Pridon - She bit me first
Joker - Digidesign
Xela - Ut Nod Vivicaret
Bovaflux - Music Box
Bovaflux - Wobble Brain
Helios - The Toy Garden
Wisp - Among The Pines

The mix is hosted at Soundcloud, which I might use for hosting other mixes and track previews, so if you are registered, be sure to start following me there.


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